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Working with our partner KLM Airlines, The Play in Dublin Competition asked the public of Dublin to use their imagination and design a playful installation for Dublin. The winner would receive two flights to anywhere in the world and see their design be brought to life in a specific location in Dublin. We received 141 designs overall and we will be bringing the winning design to Grand Canal Dock in Summer 2018.

Congratulations to Eric Wang (16 years of age) for his wining design: an all abilities musical playground.


The winning concept:


My concept is a large scale music instrument inspired by Boomwhackers (a type of percussive musical instrument which is played by hitting it.) This piece engages everyone, young and old, as it is easy to interact and play with the pipes and would be colourful and visually appealing. I believe that children would find the installation fascinating to experiment with and play around while learning about music in a creative way. It also wouldn't be difficult for the elderly to play the instrument as it only requires a light tap to produce a sound. It can also be used by street musicians as a performance tool and will surely liven up the area with some colour and music. 

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