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UNCRC25 with the OCO

A Playful City partnered with the Ombudsman for Children’s Office on a Street Art Campaign to raise awareness about A Playful City & to mark the 25th Anniversary of Ireland’s Ratification of the UNCRC

With the support of the OCO, A Playful City engaged with audiences, young and old in order to advocate, consult and educate young people on their rights as enshrined under the UNCRC. In particular, their right to play and to be heard. 


A Playful City brought together some of Ireland’s most respected artists to realise this goal in the form of a street art campaign:

Emily Robyn Archer

Michelle Considine


Millie Egan

Claire Faithorn

Sharon Greene

Stephen James Smith

Shane Sutton

with kind support from OCO, The Law Society and Complex Theatre
MICHELLE CONSIDINE, Waterways Ireland Visitors Centre
with kind support from OCO & Waterways Ireland
DUDA, Spencer Dock
with kind support from OCO & Waterways Ireland
with kind support from OCO, The Young People & Staff at St Andrew's Resource Centre, Pearse Street

RTE 2's news2day covers the UNCRC25 Street Art Campaign

As part of this UNCRC25 project, Stephen James Smith kindly wrote and donated this poem that speaks about a world of childhood in Ireland - this is exhibited on Benburb Street, Dublin 1


A poem by Stephen James Smith 

From a rite of passage

To a bowl porridge

From Happy Slappings

To inappropriate Snapchat happenings

From Dead legs

To 6ft under…

From The Circle Game

To it being your round

From apple drops

To double drops

From Refresher bars

To refresher courses

From winner winner chicken dinner

To gis a go of your fidget spinner

From kiss-chasing

To the Rat Racing

From Mommies & Daddies

To Doctors & Nurses

From discotheques twerking

To ballroom dancing

From pushing swings

To swiging flagons

From Tip The Can

To Puff the Magic Dragon

From Cartoons on TV

To junk food in grams and keys

From Cops & Robbers

To shooting up

From Terrible Twos

To ASBOs (anti-social behaviour / young offenders)

From Manhunt

To gunmen

From 3 & in

To 3 & 1s

From it’s 1 for all

To it's all 4 one

From seesaws

To suicides

From Snakes & Ladders

To stairway to heaven

From the Children of Lir

To homeless kids here

From Dustin the Turkey

To burnt Christmas dinners

From jumpers for goalposts

To fraping Facebook posts

From St Vincent de Paul

To Adam & Paul

From British Bulldog


From hide & seek

To a constructive critique

From Wendy house

To Wet Houses

From skateboarding

To waterboarding

From pony trekking

To bareback riding

From running errands

To becoming parents

From first memories

To alzheimers

From playing marbles

To losing them

From Humpty Dumpty

To being called a numpty

From Truth or Dare

To dare I tell you?

From starter nappies

To starter homes

From umbilical cords

To bungee cord

From Roger Rabbit

To Playboy Bunnies

From Hopscotch

To scotch-on-the-rocks

From Lego bricks

To selfie-sticks

From Dinosaurs toys

To App stores buys

From Candy apples

To Candy Crush

From sticks & stones

To broken bones

From Cyberbullying

To accountability

From astronauts

To headspace

From stargazing

To centralizing

From no stress

To mindfulness

From breastfeeding

To recycling

From prosperity

To reality

From wonder

To doubt

From baby wipes

To bottom lines

From development

To growth

From private

To public

From being named

To being anonymous

From learning to speak

To learning to listen

From the past

To the future

From young

To old

From you

To me

From fearful

To playful

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