Many streets and roads across our cities are no longer utilised by communities as they once were. In today’s world people spend more time in front of screens than outside, and our streets main occupants are now cars. Well we want to change that!

A Playful City’s initiative A Playful Street provides a safe environment where children can playfully enjoy the streets in their neighbourhood (just like you did when you were young), while at the same time also helping everyone to build stronger ties with all those who live within their community.

A Playful Street aims to encourage people of all ages to come out of their homes and utilise the streets they live on for what we feel they are meant for; social interaction. In this sense play can bridge gaps - with different generations mixing, teaching others the games they play or played and generally having fun. Working with community leaders we transform streets into a giant play space and invite everyone both young and old to join us! If residents wish to leave or enter their street by car, they can do so at walking speed.

A Playful City would like to work with communities, County and City Councils and the Gardai Siochana to help build a toolkit to bring this initiative across Ireland so communities can run A Playful Street for themselves.

"Getting children off their devices and making cities more playful."

-The Irish Times