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A Playful City was selected as one of two community groups in Ireland to represent Deep RiverRock's THIRST FOR BETTER  Nationwide Campaign.

Robert Crabbe, marketing manager of water brands with Coca-Cola HBC said:  

“Deep RiverRock are delighted to feature A Playful City as a community group in Ireland who demonstrate how to Thirst for Better. When we saw the ground-breaking work being done in inner city communities that reconnects young and old alike, we understood that A Playful City make life better for people through interaction and play. Our campaign is about inspiring community groups all over Ireland who can Thirst for better just like A Playful City because we believe people can do extraordinary things when they get together to enjoy their hobbies and passions, and have fun while they’re at it too.”


WELLBEING: A Playful City believes in the importance of protecting outdoor play as a central experience of childhood. We want to encourage children and adults off their devices and out onto their streets and public spaces. It's outside where we can interact with each other and play, and this is a crucial part of any child and young person's development - and a necessity for an adult's wellbeing.

CO-CREATION: A Playful City creates more inclusive towns and cities. More and more, children and the elderly are being designed out of urban areas by default. We believe in putting all of the community at the heart of design through meaningful consultation within the planning process. This creates towns and cities that are safer, happier, more inclusive and playful. By being involved in the design process communities gain a sense of pride in their area, and a sense of belonging.​

SUSTAINABILITY: Cities are becoming increasingly populated and as a result questions around sustainability and resiliency are ever more pertinent. We believe in considering the environment in all that we do as it is after all, all that we have. As we encourage playfulness in the design and planning of cities, A Playful City also considers and includes ways in which can we protect it for future generations to enjoy.

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