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A Playful City has developed a phased approach for the delivery of its projects - each phase builds upon the last, and involves listening to and collaborating with community members and stakeholders of all ages.

Phase 0
The Project Scope &
Community Mapping

A Playful City works closely with the client to understand insights that have already been gathered from any related past work to identify key messaging for our outreach to stakeholders.

It is important that the client has considered and heard views from within its own organisation too. A Playful City runs in-house online/in person workshops to encourage cross departmental involvement and views on the relevant piece of public realm and to ensure everyone is clear on the scope and parameters of the project.

During Phase 0, we carry out community mapping and begin initial conversations with key local stakeholders.

Phase 1
Community Engagement & Partnerships

A Playful City forms partnerships with key local stakeholders and designs and runs modes of involvement with and for them, and the wider community to gather feedback and insights throughout this phase.

This community led approach builds trust and increases capacity within the community to ensure the sustainability of the finished development into the future.

We endeavour to ensure local communities understand the built environment in order to inform well rounded design for longevity, whilst allowing creative and practical observations and insights brought by the community.

Phase 2

The findings of Phase 1 are collated into a report, and based on community feedback and insights - interventions are trialled and prototyped at flagship events run in partnership with the community.

As well as creating a playful showcase for ideas and plans, these events allow for personal engagement and an opportunity to gather more feedback from members of the community (e.g young people) who might not otherwise attend more formal community consultations.

Feedback is gathered using our Spiel Mobile
- a playful and engaging mobile, pop-up consultation device that attracts and engages people of all ages and abilities to come together and share their observations.

Temporary installations/prototypes can also be left in situ in order to gather further feedback and insights into people’s experiences.

Phase 3

Community Design Brief

The final community design brief outlines all findings of the project life cycle, highlights themes, offers suggestions and structures opportunities for future community involvement with the public space - in order to foster efficient and dynamic models of community stewardship into the future.

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